Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Sargam Club

It is said that Sargam is an institute imbued with the spirit of service, few other say that service means Sargam and Sargam means service. But let us say that the synonym of service is Sargam and Sargam means cinemascope of SERVICE. The seed sown before two decades in Rajkot has turned into a big tree today. Growth of Sargam is just like the growth of banyan-tree. There is no limit to the services of Sargam Club. "Arise, awake go ahead and stop not till the goal is achieved", is the motto of Gunvantbhai Delawala, the synonym of service. He is the asset of Sargam Club. He has established Sargam Seva Kendra to brighten the obligation of service. With this service center he has expanded his activities of services, hospitality and companionship of pious person. He is considered as the Supreme of Sargam Club, who has entrusted the administration and management of Sargam Seva Kendra to Shri Arvindbhai Patel of Field marshal.

Everyone knows very well that Sargam Club has got a special place in the heart of the people of Rajkot with its ling-time services. As said earlier, no limit, no trouble, no obstruction can prevent one from doing such a noble activities. With coordination among different services, Sargam Club has proved that if one has strong will, he will definitely find the way. A person with a strong will-power can reach to the moon, then why not the person having firm determination can reach to his destination? this is the question Gunvantbhai Delawala the serving activities go on in top gear. Along with the reverberation of all the seven notes (tunes) of Sargam Club has rendered services in educational, social, moral, cultural and spiritual fields which may be considered as landmark in the concerned field. In the times of natural calamities, the relief-work, water distribution work of Sargam Club has increased its reputation and received blessings of thousands. Rajkot-people feels that they are blessed with the Sargam Club, because it is a friend in real-need. It has helped thousands in the times of natural calamities. Its activities include relief work, water-distribution etc. Many patients have got new lives in the medical-camp and blood-donation-camp arranged by the Club. They were treated free of charge in the camps. It doesn't boast, it is so only due to the permanent nature performance. A mention of the activities is made here just to have an ideal to the needy one and to our respectable donors: