Monday, November 20, 2017

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Sargam Club




"If you think you can do it, just do it"! That is the cornerstone philosophy laid in building up of SARGAM the club.

Drive, Dedication and Direction have brought this huge missionary organization to a place notch higher than most others if you compare the unique concepts being worked on in social cause till today.

A bridging mechanism that works day and night.... to bring closer man and the society, to set new milestones, to light a few new candles, to measure new heights, to fathom new depths, to explore new terrain.... and, eventually win more and more hearts!!! 

Started with a dream to build a better environment for the people, the Sargam Club has accomplished innumerable acts of noble cause under tremendous leadership of one-man army of Mr. Gunvantbhai Delavala, whose missionary mindset has inspired so many to serve the society in whatever way. Through his dedicated efforts, in almost every wake of life, SARGAM has imparted its active presence for Social, Cultural, Religious, Educational, Medical and Recreational activities alike. To nurture the spirit of Sargam, there are Shri Ushaben Patel (President, Sargam Ladies Club) and Shri Dr. Chandaben Shah whose dedicated efforts are an example in itself. It is for their tremendous support that today "Sargam" is in millions of hearts! 

"Sargam" is currently handling lots of projects which require constant inflow of Money power as well as Manpower. As an estimate, "Sargam" is deploying nearly Rs. 2 Lac for its various activities. For example, there are about 30 staff members at 'Muktidham' to be maintained on payroll. Plus, the regular upkeep of "Sargam" buildings like Planetorium, Hemu Gadhvi Natyagriha, Ladies Library, Sargam Children Club and Ladies Health Club require ample financial inputs. As a matter of fact, the club alone is not able to carry out this huge task. Though there are so many of you who are willing to extend their helping hand in this great work, "Sargam" still requires adequate financial support in addition to the moral help. So, "Sargam" appeals all of you to bestow your contribution. Kindly call us through the e-mail link given below.