Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Sargam Club

Sargam Club has successfully managed the responsibilities to manage the crematorium entrusted by Rajkot Municipal Corporation on 1st July, 1996. It has given a meaningful turn the allegiance and labour of the intelligent companions to convert the unpeeled and deserted crematorium-area of 12 thousand yards-into a beautiful garden. The determination to convert the destination of the journey of life into most peaceful, beautiful sacred place, within only two years with the help of the people at a cost little over Rs. 1.5 Crores.

Electrical Crematorium:

With rites and due respect, the facility of cremation of the dead body, available here at the modern caution. At a time two dead-bodies can be kept for the final rites at a 'Rest' and 24 hours free electricity-supply having two lines. Facilities available so that the cremation does not require to postpone. It takes about 45 minutes for cremation of a dead body in the electrical crematorium.

Air-Conditioned Prayer-Hall:

150 persons can simultaneously make prayers in the hall. It has ultra-modern automatic "Remote Sensing System" to open and close the doors along with "Ohm" shaped Temple possesses divine atmosphere, completely air-conditioned prayer-hall. A creation for the permanent peace for the soul's journey towards emancipation.

Traditional Crematorium:

To cremate traditionally under wooden-pyre the four iron bedsteads are available in the large area. Woods for cremation purpose are available at the same place, as planned. The woods are provided free.

The Prayer-hall:

When the dead-body catches fire and the soul, undertakes the journey towards the supreme soul n the pious light of the holy pyre, at that time to pray for the emancipation of the sacred soul, the prayer-hall is there having capacity to seat for 200 relatives at a time. It supports the faith of everyone when one sits down in front of the pictures of all the deities attractive pictures. It relives the tension, make the mind peaceful.


Satsang means to have good company. Satsang is a wish-fulfilling gem, it is a philosopher's stone which removes filthiness of the heart and makes the inner and the mind peaceful. The satsang-hall is constructed to realize people the experience of the importance of satsang. It contains full facilities. 400people can sit in the hall at a time and can have glimpses of the magnificent idol of the Universal Being of Shri Krishna. Another statues of Shri Ghanshyam Maharaj and Shri Mahavir Swami are there. The constant flow of worship flows here through satsang.

Constantly moving wheels of the bier-van:

Sargam Club has made available the bier-van with a capacity of 40 persons along with the bier. The van provides its services constantly from 9.00a.m. to 8.00p.m. Appropriate religious pictures and audio cassettes are made available in the van. The name of the deceased is also mentioned in the van. No fixed charge is asked for the van-services

Men, women and children rush forward enthusiastically in large numbers to visit and view the unique Muktidham. It is like a divine place and people consider it a place of pilgrimage.