Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Sargam Club

The Rajkot City was missing a perfect place for its various activities pertaining to Art; be it Drama, Musical Festival or any other Cultural Programs. After long years of anticipation and waiting, finally the dream came true when the Government of Gujarat built a unique monument totally dedicated to Art & Culture of this historic city of Rajkot, and handed it over on 11th August, 1998 to the public. Eventually, only two programs went on floor since the inauguration of this impressive glass & block structure. In comes Sargam Club and the whole scenario changed.

"Hemu Gadhavi Natyagruh"- an architectural wonder of Rajkot was taken under its wings by Sargam Club and within a month the Booking Register of auditorium recorded astonishingly high figure of nearly 22 different types of programs in one month! An achievement in itself, this has once again proved how the 'Spirit Of Sargam Club' works! Set in a quiet locale in western part of the city, this Auditorium is now being considered as a 'Mecca Of Entertainment' among the art-loving folks. Managed by Sargam Club, this building of "Hemu Gadhavi Natyagruh" is divided into mainly two parts. The main theatre has a capacity of 1077 seats while the mini theatre consists of 256 seats. Both theatres can be used at the same time for different programs. With hi-fi acoustics and lighting plus the breathtakingly beautiful interiors, these theatres are also equipped with all the necessary arrangements for a perfect program. Designed in a very thoughtful way, this auditorium exudes a sense of accomplishment through its magnificent corridors. The building has 10 artist rooms where all the necessary arrangements are available. Moreover, the drapery system is fully motorized for fast maneuverability while the whole structure is equipped with close-TV circuit put strategically in various places.

From the day Sargam Club has started looking after "Hemu Gadhavi Natyagruh", people of this city have been benefited in more than one way. Numbers of program covering wide array of interest have attracted and entertained thousands of people. And the credit goes to Sargam Club for its tremendous efforts to bring out the best of this auditorium and put it on proverbial center-stage. The regular maintenance is handled by Sargam Club under visionary guidance and leadership of Mr. Gunvantbhai Delavala, who doesn't settle for less than the best. After all, his leadership acumen has caused so many incidents of utter 'facelifts' in this part of the world.

Sargam Club has imparted total involvement in managing and maintaining the importance of "Hemu Gadhavi Natyagruh" which is one of its kind in entire Saurashtra & Kutchh area and No.2 in Asia. Modesty aside, Sargam Club is the proverbial mother of almost all major movements of social uplifts and up keeping of cultural heritage in this city. True to its name, "Sargam" has played the perfect tunes on whatever instruments it has taken in its hands! "Hemu Gadhavi Natyagruh" is yet another example of how the 'Spirit Of Sargam' works!!!