Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Sargam Club

"Sargam" is a place where you can see dream with open eyes. A dream that converts into a reality in future. The "Sargam" Club itself is an example of such a dream that president Mr. Gunvantbhai Delavala once saw ! This habit of dreaming up the different future is prevalent in every "Sargam" member. Here are few of those beautiful dreams seen with open eyes...!

Children Amusement Park :
Children holds a special status in "Sargam". As an upcoming project, "Sargam" wants to establish an Amusement Park for children. Need to say the park will be just like a heaven for children?

Children Magazine :
Sargam is planning to start a Magazine for children.

Sargam Hospital :
Sargam Hospital is the most priority project of Sargam, in which everyone would get medicine in just Rs.2/-

Educational Institute :
Sargam wants to do something firm in education field. The educational institute which is, at present in sargam’s dreams will be a true ‘Gyantirth’.

Sargam Net :
And what about Sargam Net ?……..What’s that ? Sargam Net would be an internet club in which everyone would get advantage of internet. Ladies member would get cooking recipe and children member can develop friendship with Mickey Mouse.