Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Sargam Club

Shree Parmatmanand SaraswatijiBelieves, Existence is always symbiotic. We survive because of a network of mutual dependence. All the planets remain in their orbit the sun because the solar system is inter-related. Our solar system itself is related to galaxy. In our body, each limb, and each physiological activity is mutually dependent. Even in a cell or nucleus, constituent factors are inter-related. This fact applies to human society. In any given society all the constituent segments are inter-related. Hence for the growth of the society logistic approach is necessary.

The whole society must grow. A person or a group of people may achieve progress but there cannot be real progress without the whole society following it. A section of the society, if it hasn't achieved the necessary growth, may be due to various reasons, should be provided with necessary support opportunities and solution to any social problem just cannot be achieved on narrow basis of caste-creed etc.

This is our philosophy. We at Sargam club work for the holistic growth of the society without any barriers of caste-creed, religion etc. Under the able guidance of our chairman Shri Vajubhai Vala & the dynamic leadership provided by our President Shri Gunwantbhai Delawala Sargam has grown in heaps and hounds.