Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Sargam Club

"Sargam Ladies Club" provides a much needed environment to the women of Saurashtra for their total development. Sargam Ladies Club has been started in the year 1986. It brings out their hidden talents which would have remained unexplored had the "Sargam" not been there. The activities of "Sargam Ladies Club" spans from Cooking to Computers, from Health Care to Childcare.


Every year summer training classes are held to impart knowledge on more than 30 different subjects. It also conducts Open Saurashtra Ras-Garba Competition on every Navratri. Competitions of art forms like dance, music, painting etc., are also held on regular basis to encourage artists of all age groups. On every Friday, a meeting is held in which planning for competitions and future course of action is decided. Regular arrangement of various activities like seminars, camps, antakshari, chess tournament, picnic, cooking, hair care competition, mehandi competition, computer classes, sari shanagar etc.


"Sargam Ladies Club" has arranged so many programs of music, dance, painting, drama, etc., to promote the sargam ladies club. And just because of it, "Sargam" cherishes an incredible reputation in almost every maestro's mind! President Shri Gunvantbhai Delawala opines that art and ladies activities should not remain limited as just pastime, it should rather reach the common man also. "Sargam ladies Club" is based on this motto. Sargam Kalamandir regularly organize various workshops on dance, drama, music, acting, folk music, western dance and music. It also arranges classes for spoken English and computer for the children of 8 to 15 years. Talents nourished by this club have been recognized at state and national level. "Sargam" doesn't see partially when it comes to western art forms. All it cares for is how to bring out the best !