Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Sargam Club

Sargam club is involved in social updation for nearly two decades, has now started "Sargam Children Club". Motive and aim was very much clear like the sun, and candle.......


They wanted to prepare a generation who would compete with this society, And later with this world. And a slight flash of thought came.


Tomorrow's generation , today. Where there is no need to hold mamma's finger, where devils are like friends & friendship with the evil one. Where immediate answers to curious inquiries, easy words for surprises & final solutions for wonders.


In short, everything would be extra ordinary, upbringing also. There is a proverb "Parki Maa Kaan Vindhe". Sargam Children Club became parki maa who will give a scolding, who will hold hand when needed. In just three years sargam children club became highly popular in all over Gujarat. Today, more than 1300 children's love sargam children club like Yashoda Maiya and receive the same flow of love in return.


We are proud that people have faith and confidence in our dedication to make the future generation.