Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Sargam Club

Sports Activities
Tournaments of games like Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Carom, Table Tennis, Chess, Motorcycling, Bicycle Race, etc. have been organized by "Sargam" on regular basis. Many talented players have earned name and fame at national level also through these tournaments.

"Sargam" has organized Blind Cricket Tournament for the first time in Saurashtra and won accolades for doing such an inspiring work for the disables of the society. And to boost up the moral of handicapped people, even a tricycle competition was held.

In 1986 "Run for Fun" event received tremendous response. People from all the classes of society took part in it and made it a grand success. An unforgettable event for years to come, this event saw more than 5000 enthusiastic people running for sole purpose of fun.

More than 175 participants took part in the Kite competition, which received tremendous response from viewers and participants alike. In this part of the world, kite flying is much more than a festival. To add up the glory, "Sargam" gave it a status of social brotherhood.