Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Sargam Club

Social Activities
"Sargam" comes in the picture every time when the need arises. For example, "Sargam" had deployed 16 cooks from Rajasthan, at the famine relief camp of Rajkot, where 40 volunteers of Sargam were working in two shifts. 12 different departments were established in this camp, and for 245 days at an average 1000 people per day, almost 2.5 Lac hungry people took benefit of it.

At the time of famine, the cattle food at cattle camp of Daldevlia town near Jamnagar was in scarcity. Within a limited time span 10,000 Kg. of fodder reached to the camp. For the cattle camp of Racecourse, Sargam Club has organized even cultural program to raise the fund for cattle food and water tanker.

Drinking water was a major problem during the years of famine. Sargam provided 50,000 gallons of water to 650 families every day. In a year it aggregated to 4.5 million liters costing Rs. 2 Lac. Sargam’s work during famine period was highly appreciated by Governor of Gujarat, Mr. R. K. Trivedi. Many newspapers and magazines supported the activity by publishing full reports about it.

Winter comes and the air at "Sargam" starts warming up with fervour to distribute blankets to forlorn and homeless people of the town. Till today Sargam has distributed more than 5,000 blankets to the needy people and warmed up their lives!