Friday, December 15, 2017

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Sargam Club

SP Smart Slider

In the year 1982 "Sargam" registered itself. Today, the popularity of "Sargam" is spread all over Gujarat as well as the world. More than 800 well literate members ranging from prominent industrialists, doctors, journalists to government officers, advocates and politicians are constantly helping this organization day by day. In a nutshell, "Sargam" is a missionary organization for the people, by the people, with the people. Keeping up the good work with an amazing mixture of Drive, Dedication and Direction, this social club is not merely a social club, but a milestone in the history of whole mankind!

It is said that Sargam is an institute imbued with the spirit of service, few other say that service means Sargam and Sargam means service. But let us say that the synonym of service is Sargam and Sargam means cinemascope of SERVICE. The seed sown before two decades in Rajkot has turned into a big tree today. Growth of Sargam is just like the growth of banyan-tree. There is no limit to the services of Sargam Club. "Arise, awake go ahead and stop not till the goal is achieved", is the motto of Shri Gunvantbhai Delawala, the synonym of service. He is the asset of Sargam Club. He has established Sargam ladies club, Sargam Children Club Sargam Seva Kendra, Sargam library, Sargam Hospital, Sargam Health Club, Sargam Children Library to brighten the obligation of service. With this service center he has expanded his activities of services, hospitality and companionship of pious person. He is considered as the Supreme of Sargam Club.